Friday, November 13, 2009

Something we dont talk about.

So i was searching something in my document and i found a poem that i made.
I mean like some of it i searched at the internet.and i add my own word then combine it and pufff.

Feel the blowing leaves and reeds
Lying on our backs in that field
Felt like we were the only humans
Banished in the middle of no where

Staring at the thousands of stars
Feeling the crisp night prickle my spine
Feeling your heart beat so close to mine
And repeatedly saying the same three words

"I love you" is what you told me
Before we promised we would be together
Forever and ever, you have my heart
And I could feel your warm embrace

And now I'm here, all alone
Wondering what I've done so wrong
Watching my whole life before my eyes
And feeling the cruel world crash down on me

Can't you see what pain you've caused?
Can't you see I'm dying..

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