Monday, November 16, 2009

I Miss,

I miss you.
I miss the relationship that we had
I miss when u called me at night,just to say goodnight.
I miss when u woke me up and said goodmorning sunshine,or goodmorning sayang.
I miss calling u everyday just to make sure that ur safe.
I miss when u said those three words to me.
I miss when i can see you everyday.
I miss the time that i couldnt sleep and u stay awake for me.
I miss the time when u woke me up to tuition or other important event.
I miss when the time u called me sweetheart.
I miss the time i called u and ask where u are,with who.because i want u to be safe all the time.
I miss looking into ur eyes and said iloveyou baby.
Most of all,i miss ur smile.The smile that can brighten my day.
Maybe i dont miss you
But,i miss our relationship,what we had last time,
I miss it,very much

By-Adam Daniel-

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