Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So,just came back from the clinic and doc said that i have a muscle tear or muscle strained.
I cant play sports for 3 weeks.Isnt that greaat?.
So,I've got nothing to blog and anne ask me to blog about her.haha.
So here it goes,:
Anne azureen bt asyraf heng,i've known her for almost 2 years now.
i used to called her,the chewing gum girl.because last time she like always chewed a chewing gum.like everytime.So i always told her to stop it and she keep on going.haha
WEIRD.She's a weird girl or should i say exotic.well,she's one of a kind.When she's mad,u can see in her eyes like her eyes like diff lahh andd u can know by looking at her face.She will be like buat buat muka lahh.haha.When she's happy,she will be like so hyper,dance here,sing there,jump here,shout there is like she's everywhere.She's kinda brave but sensitive type of girl.Dont say to her ur eating choc just to make her jealous u dnt wanna do that.haha.Her ambition is to be a model,singer,actor, and to make the world a better place.She's pretty,caring,always there for you(for me lahh i dnt know about you guys.haha.She's such a nice friend.always there to give you a helping hand when ur down.and she's like a clown to me,when i talked to her,i was like happy.i mean she know how to entertain me she never failed to make me smile or laugh.I guess thats it.I didnt regret to know her,she's special to me and the others too.Thats why we as in me and the others love her.yeaaaah,she is one of kind.
There will be only one anne azureen.So yeah.iloveyou.

Fuhh,that was long ehh,haha.so thats it goodbye. :)

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