Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey Ho Lets go.

So i was chatting with ninaa and she told one cool link that give the meaning of your name.
which is cool,so i search mine,and it turns out the result like fucking true.I know,Im awesome

1.a goofy,funny,crazii,outgoing,loving person!
a guy with this name is amazing. he is adorable and very caring person. he will always be there for you. he might have the nicknamegoober. he can make you laugh no matter what,even if ur having the worst day ever. some people may call him weird or strange, but if he wasnt all of those things then he wouldn't be goober. he is a remarkable person,trustworthy, and an awesome friend.

2.An adorable boy, who is great in many ways. see perfect boy.

3.Name meaning in greek: the leader of men

4.Hot!!! As simple as that. Adam is hot.

5.The funny guy, the one everyone turns to for a quick laugh or a fun time. Typically the guy that wins the heart of all the ladies.

andd got alot more.its cool,its true and its awesome ahhh,ilovemyname.haha
anyway,thanks ninaa

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