Monday, August 10, 2009

I got my Flu baack.

Yeah,i got my flu back.
So,today i go to school.
Andd thanks for the wish guy.
Sorry,i cant list it down.Too many.
So study bla bla bla.
Then Go back.
They splashed me with water.
Okay,let me list it down
Johan,Ryan,Jade,Poh Imm,Min Tatt,Jason,Ekhsan,Aaron,Shasha and her friend
Martin,Teesha,Afif,Afiq,Syafi,Ikhwan andd so on.
Damn Cold weyy,some more its raining,
They Can see my sexy bodeyhh :D.andd they pinch my nipple.that hurts.
Thanks anyway u guys remember my birthday.So,who's next?
Andd btw,I think I got H1N1 cuz i gt fever like since last week,got flu,cough,soar throath.
Anyway gtg.
see yahh

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