Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me.

Wohooo.Its my birthday.Hoyeah hoyeah
Alot of people did wish me.
First it was Faqiha,Then Ninaa<33,Alyaa,Shasha,Jade,Yaya,Adriana,Neeny,
Putra,Mom,Auntie,Anne andd so on.
Thanks guys.Now,where's my present?haha.
So My dad dnt know what to give and he give me 4 choice,
Flat screen in my room,New Camera Lens,PS3 or Moneyhh. :D
Im Coming to school today,and i bet when finish school
there will be flour,water,egg,etc. all over my face
I hate you guys.Noooooo. D:
So anyway,i gtg,i wanna go back to sleep.
Byee.Thanks Again. <33

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