Saturday, August 15, 2009


What a bad day,today.
Haziq and hanif like kena hit by a car,and they like riding a motor.
Then Hit the car,Haziq was like bounce off the motor like the superman style and hanif like his chest terseret at the road.
Andd both are them got internal bleeding or darah beku which is very bad,
Then send them to the clinic nearby first.
there were blood all over them.espcially haziq because he was driving the motor.
then they like pengsan andd tak sedar until now.
Then the doc called the ambulance and send them to Selangor Medical Center.
Then,afif,afiq and fazhlul go back my house and take shower.then go to the hosp.
Go to the ICU.but,we cant see them.too bad.
Then go KFC i belanja them.eshhh.
Then haziq's father said that haziq and hanif have to go to H.U.K.M to operate.
For the internal bleeding thingy.
Then we have no transport go there,
so,we took a cab and go back to my house.
Then fazhlul gtg he got tuition
Then me and afiq play game.
We're going to see them tomorrow.
They cant operate now.because like their condition is nt good.
In my room i gt Hanif's stuff,Afif beg,Fazhlul boot,Fazhlul shirt and pants. -.-
Andd hanif's bike and phone are with me.
Andd auntie!hanis'f wallet is not with me. :D
So,im so tired today.We like follow wherever they go.
So tired.Gahhh.
Dont worry my friend u'll gonna be okay andd imma visit you tomorrow.
May god bless you.I sounded gay.
Anyway gtg,byee.

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