Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glory,Glory Man United

So,on saturday like usual i have to wake up before 8.
got Basketball trainning.start at 8 finish at 10
Damn tired.
Then just lepak with ryan,mike andd ekhsan
Talking about _______.haha.
Then go back andd mandi then sleep for awhile.
Wake up then go out with my dad,lunch.
Text Ninaa,Then eat eat eat.
Go back andd get ready to go to bukit jalil
Man Utd vs Malaysia babehh,
It was crowded.
It took around 1 hour to find a parking.
Then walk to the stadium.its so far,eshh
Enter the stadium,it was full
85thousand people.
The best part is when they do the Mexican wave.Its so cool.
Then,the match start.
At the 8 minute rooney score.woo.
The 28min nani score woo.andd then malaysia score WOO.haha
Actually i support Man Utd but we have to support our country too.
Half time and the score is 2-1
Scnd Half
Malaysia Score again.woo
then at 87 Owen score the winning goal.
Man Utd won 3-2
Andd Malaysia play damn good.
Then get gout from the stadium at 743.
Arrive at the parking lot at 8.45.
It tooks 1 hour to walk.Damn Tired
Then go Asiba,wanted to go to Pizza vs Satay,But closed edi. :(
Then go back.Called Someone.
Still texting with ninaa though,haha
then call ninaa and ninaa sleep already.
Ohhyah its around 1.50
Sorry babe.
so,thats all i guess.
So,bye andd take care.

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